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    Company profile

    ONGO CARGO CO.,LTD is a professional engaged in import and export international freight services company, is in People's Republic of China in 2013 by the Ministry of foreign trade and Economic Cooperation approved the establishment of an international freight forwarding company. The registered capital is RMB 5 million, the company achieved NVOCC qualification certificate issued by the state (NVOCC NO.MOC NV-05823), and the national air freight forwarders. Headquartered in Guangzhou, has its own independent warehouse at the headquarters, to fully optimize their storage requirements; the country has more than 10 branches, the main routes in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States has more than 50 agents.

    The company's main push routes in Africa, along with Maersk, CMA, PIL, China, Shipping, COSCO, Evergreen, CSAV, maintained a long-term contract between MOL.NYK and other well-known shipping companies signed a stable line service with the airlines, to provide high-quality transportation, air transportation, warehousing and door to door the logistics service for customers.

    The company has excellent team work experience, years of practice has proved that the Hong Kong company "development strategy of logistics professional, quality service" and sound business principles in accordance with the developing trend of the international logistics, to lay a solid foundation for the future development of the Hong Kong company better. The company will further strengthen the network construction, guided by the market, strengthen management, pioneering spirit, to further improve the quality of services, in line with "Jing Yun bearing, nature in" business philosophy, to "cherish a commission" your conduct, dedication to provide convenient, efficient and high-quality services for the vast majority of customers.

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